Miracle of Grace: A Testimony of Faith and Family Restoration

Grace, a beacon of faith in our congregation, shared a testament of God's immense grace in her life. Join us in celebrating the miraculous journey she and her family have undertaken.

Grace's journey is one marked by loss and hope deferred. Two years ago, they faced the heartache of losing a beloved brother. Amid this grief, Grace's sister-in-law, after 17 years of marriage without a child, embarked on the challenging path of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). Grace’s sister-in-law, in a selfless act of love, declared, "After spending 17 years with him I cannot get married” This is a Ruth story." She chose to add herself to our family of two, becoming our sister.

Financial hurdles loomed large, with each IVF attempt costing 30 million Ugandan shillings at least. “We are Kingdom VIPs, not due to wealth but because God provided” Grace, as a supportive “husband”, stood by the sister-in-law- whom she always referred to as muchara through the emotional highs and lows, enduring the painful disappointments of five unsuccessful attempts.

Amidst the trials, they sought solace in prayer. A pivotal moment arrived when they attended a prayer session led by Pastor Charity Nebechukwu Divine intervention manifested as the sixth IVF attempt proved successful, breaking the chain of previous disappointments.

Acknowledging God's providence, Grace expressed deep gratitude for the financial provision that allowed them to continue the journey. The process, though challenging, led to the joyous moment of conception. Their spiritual leader's blessings and Pastor Charity prayers further affirmed God's presence in their lives.

This testimony holds profound significance as it marks the preservation of their family lineage. In a situation where all males had been taken away, Grace's family stood at the precipice of being desolate. However, God heard their cries, ensuring that their family would not be shut down.

The birth of this child, the last and only surviving hope, serves as a testament to God's mercy. Pastor Benjamin Nebechukwu implored Grace and her family to spiritually safeguard the newborn Jealously drawing parallels to the protection provided to Baby Jesus during Herod's wrath.

In unison, let us extend our hands in gratitude, thanking God for wiping away their tears and remembering their family. Pray with fervor for the continued protection and well-being of this child, affirming that untimely death shall not prevail. May this child be insured comprehensively under the divine mark of protection.