In scriptures, doors and gates signify opportunities that can cause some one to progress in affairs of life such as marital, careers finances.

1 Cor 16:9, the bible accounts, ‘’Because a great door for effective work has opened to me, and there are many who oppose me,’’ The same is said to be for some people – There are many people whose doors have been opened but have been opposed by forces of adverseries.

Open doors may vary in dimensions – It is not limited to one areas of life, they can be careers, ministry, financial, marital destinies.

In Mark 7:35-37 – Jesus made a decree over the man who was deaf and dump. Jesus decreed a Greek work. In verse 34, He looked up to heaven and with a deep sigh said to him, “Ephphatha!” (which means “Be opened!”).The ears were opened. This means that the two gates that were closed – speech and utterance – by just ONE decree of Jesus, his gates were opened.

It is interesting to note that by Jesus’ ONE  decree over his life, all doors were opened,  when Jesus comes into your life, all doors open.

In Joshua 2:1, Rahab – the prostitute, hid the Israel Spies. They opened up to her about their mission and she hid them on the roof top. 

Initially, Jericho was an open city but it was shut for the fear of the children of Israel not to enter when they started advancing in Joshua 6:10

Similarly, the Christian life, there are things or doors that have been shunned before you as you try to advance or when you have a desire to advance.

In Acts 12:10: Peter and the angel of the Lord, went through different doors as they were moving out the prison – as they were approaching the gate of the city, the gate (Iron door) opened itself on its one accord. It is a known fact that the iron gate would not open but the angel of the Lord was moving ahead of Peter, signifying divine intervention.

The keys that opens doors and gates in life


The following are keys needed for any one to have open doors in thier lives.

  • You must be born again. Jesus is the custody of all doors, therefore identification with Jesus gives you unrestricted access to the desires of your destiny according to Revelations 3:7 and John 3:3. Salvation is the major key to launch you to stardom. Its is not proper for Christians to envy non born again because of material wealth, because they are doomed for destruction- because they have no Christ
  • Partnership with God – Rev 3:20: Jesus is looking for partners to work. John 14:20.

Partnerships bring divine presence, partnerships makes the presence of God to be accesible and available for our use – according to Psalms 114:4-7 and Romans 8:31

  • The power of seed (Giving lifestyle) – Not all doors can be opened by prayers. There are doors that can be opened by a seed according to Proverbs 18:16. While all these things(prayer, fasting, ministry) have been done, God requires a seed f his hands. There are mega doors that takes a seed to open. Your seed answers your question.
  • Committed to the leading of God – Every doors answers to divine direction
  • Walking in the fear of God ~Genesis 39:2-3, 21 (NLT), Genesis 42:18. It takes the fear of God for wisdom to be erupted.
  • The force of faith. Every door bows to the force of faith. The force of faith is usually a walk of triumph. When faith stands out, everything bows down, every door gives way.
  • The lifestyle of praise and worship. This combination can open a two-leaved gate, an iron door and prison gates.
  • Lifestyle of prayer ~Psalm 24:7, Luke 3:21-22 Gates answer to prayer.
  • Walk in love. Be a lover of people. Don’t hate anybody.