The Living Word Assembly
29th July 2023

Home Fellowship Guide:
Topic: The Mystery of Binding and Losing -3-
Text Mathew: 18:18

We have been looking at the mystery of binding and losing in different areas and we said they are
powers that control the dark world or spiritual forces of wickedness in the heaven’s that must be bound
(Ephesians: 6:2). Now, if you have grown up in a church, you have heard people talk about binding this
and binding that. And what they are talking about is exercising authority (Luke 10:19). The deeper
meaning of this is understanding how to utilize and apply the phrase so that we can enjoy the benefits
there in. For our fellowship to multiply and we see tangible testimonies, there powers to bind and
blessings to lose. In (Mathew 12:29)Or else how can one enter into a strong man’s house and spoil
his goods, except he first bind the strong man? And then he will spoil his house. For us to penetrate in
the community, wicked controlling powers must be bound and blessings that will help us prosper and
multiply loosed.

1. Identify and discuss the powers that must be bound, blessings to be loosed in the environment of your
home fellowship.
2. As a Home fellowship, bind them and also declare and lose what you want to see happen going