In the vast tapestry of life, there are moments when the divine beckons, urging one to heed a higher calling. Such a compelling narrative unfolded for us, guiding our footsteps to Uganda, a journey not just of physical presence but of spiritual service and devotion.

In the realm of faith and calling, sometimes destinations are not of our choosing but rather a divine instruction to serve. The journey to Uganda for the Living Word Assembly began as a vision, whispered to one, resisted by another, yet ultimately became an unwavering conviction.

It all began with a vision, a whisper from the divine to serve and deliver His people in a land afar. Initially, the vision came to my wife, a revelation that I, regrettably, resisted due to ignorance. Yet, a year later, the Lord shifted His voice, directing His words toward me. This time, the conviction was undeniable.

In a dream that felt both ethereal and real, I found myself on Kampala Road, a signpost marking the path to a destination unknown. Amidst this journey, a broken shoe became a pivotal symbol. As I sought help from a cobbler, unaware of the profound message he carried, his words echoed, emphasizing the importance of obeying God’s call to Uganda. It was a message that resonated deeply within me, imprinting Uganda as the chosen destination.

April 2001 marked the genesis of this journey, my inaugural visit to East Africa, stepping foot onto the soil that held a divine purpose. Our expedition commenced from the valleys of Bunga, each step a testament to faith and obedience.

However, our purpose transcends mere physical presence. The vision extends beyond establishing a prayer city; it embodies a mission to expand the kingdom of God through the conduit of Living Word Assembly. It echoes the pursuit of depopulating hell and populating heaven, an endeavour to empower the succeeding generations to carry forth the divine legacy.

Twenty years have elapsed since that pivotal moment, and as we commemorate this milestone, we reflect on the astounding journey Living Word Assembly has undertaken. From humble beginnings, the assembly has flourished, evolving structurally and spiritually, with aspirations for a fully-fledged prayer city on the horizon.

The 20-year anniversary isn’t merely a celebration; it’s an expression of gratitude to all who have been part of this divine odyssey. To everyone who has shared in our joys, trials, and victories. To each individual who has graced us with their support and shared in this celebratory moment, I extend heartfelt thanks. May the Lord’s blessings encompass you abundantly, enriching your lives as we continue this remarkable expedition together.

In closing, I reaffirm my profound gratitude for joining us in celebrating Living Word Assembly's 20th anniversary. May the divine guidance continue to illuminate our path as we strive to fulfill our purpose and answer the call to serve in Uganda. Hallelujah!