Welcome to the Living Word Assembly Church, a vibrant Christ-headed Home Fellowship based Church with a focus on the Great Commission. At the Living Word Assembly, you will be helped to understand that the Word of God is alive and active. Through the teachings here, you will find a place where you can be inspired, encouraged, and equipped with practical bible truths about life’s challenges; a place where you will learn how to prayerfully deal with those issues based on the Word of God; a place where you can experience God and become all that God wants you to be; and a place where you will discover your giftings to serve God and reach out to those around you. You will find a variety of ministries here at the Living Word Assembly, all developed to aid you in your quest for spiritual growth and wholeness. As a Ministry, we are committed to unpacking the undiluted truth in the Word, for through knowledge shall the righteous be delivered. We are honored to receive you.