April is a Passover season in Jewish culture – it is a special month called Nissa in the Jewish Calendar. The Passover was celebrated by the children of Israel as it marked their end of bondage in the land of Egypt. The first borns’ of the Egyptians were slain on account of Pharoah’s hardened heart to release the children of Israel from the bondage.

In the new testament, 1 Corinthians 5:7 NKJV – Jesus is our Passover festival. Jesus is appointed to deliver the brethrens from the bondages. Therefore his name CHRIST, from Acts 10: 38 is not a title it is a mantle (meaning the anointing of the anointed one)

What is the mantle of the anointed one designed to do (what does the anointing carry)?

  1. The anointing is designed to set you apart. The oil in Bible times is combination of five components were: Olive, Cassia, Cinnamon, Myrrh and Calamus. Although it is made up of five components, Olive took centre hence, the Olive oil.
  2. The anointing is designed to break all confinement ~ Micah 2: 13 MSG.  Those who give up never go up.  The anointing moves a person beyond his personal limitation and shortcoming in order for him/ her to fulfil destiny ~ 1 Kings 1: 39 MSG; Exodus 12: 31 KJV, Jeremiah 28:2 CEV, Isaiah 45: 2 MSG.
  3. The anointing on Christ the anointed is designed to preserve and protect (One of olive’s characteristics is longevity – thus anointed people do not die prematurely or untimely) ~ 2 Samuel 1: 21.

3 Facts of Anointing and Preservation

  1. The anointing forbids careless death.
  2. The anointing forbids defeat and destruction in war.
  3. The anointing forbids perishing in the hands of the enemy e.g. David was unkillable in the hands of ~ Psalm 89: 20 – 24 KJV.
  4. The anointing on Jesus the Passover Lamb is designed to release the fragrance of favour (myrrh the components of the anointing oil has a spicy fragrant which means one is flavoured with unusual fragrance, making one acceptable, likeable, adorable, admirable and attractable ~ Exodus 12: 36). ~ 1 Samuel 10: 3 – 4.

What are the keys to attracting the anointing?

  1. Come - Be humble to come to God ~ Hebrews 4:16 NKJV; Matthew 11: 28 NKJV; 1 Chronicles 12: 28 AMP. It takes humility to bow before Jesus. A proud man does not bow to anybody ~ John 7: 37 NKJV.
  2. Submit to His will and authority ~ Matthew 8: 8, John 12: 24. In the kingdom think less of self and God will reward you; and there is no comfort zone.

Prayer point(s)

  • By the oil on my head, I will standout and outshine my contemporaries.
  • Every embargo on my destiny, by this oil be lifted in the name of Jesus.
  • every yoke of the strongman on my life, career, marital destiny, health family e.t.c you are broken.
  • Every yoke of slavery on my destiny in this Passover season be broken.
  • Inherited yokes from my father’s house and my mother’s house, your end has come break.
  • My Father x2 in this season of Passover, go ahead of me destroying the padlocks over my life/ family, finances, health, children.
  • I am too anointed to be wasted by the devil.
  • I carry a signature of favor on my life and destiny.