The revelation for deliverance lies in the truth is that ‘not all deliverance requires FIRE. Some deliverance requires wisdom,’ Pastor Benjamin echoed. This was during the Wednesday mid-week service, dubbed ‘Jericho Must Fall’ on 28th Feb 2024.

Reading from Genesis 1: 26 – 28 CEV and 9: 1 -3 CEV Pastor Benjamin re-echoed that ‘captivity, bondage, imprisonment is never meant to be the portion of Christians’ ~ John 8: 32. He emphasized that the key to deliverance lies not only in fiery prayers but also in the wisdom to discern the revelation needed for each situation.

He reminded the congregation that the truth, as revealed in the word of God, is the only lasting solution to any situation. The standard of their expectation, he said, is their revelation, not their current circumstance – citing John 14: 6 and Psalm 119: 89.

What is the revelation for our deliverance?

You are made in the image of God according to Genesis 1: 27 CEV. "You were made in the image of the one who cannot be bound, oppressed or terminated." He stressed that understanding our identity in Christ is crucial. As beings created in the image of God, we have the power to dominate and cannot be dominated, setting us apart from angels and fallen beings.

Additionally, the brethren are reminded of their God -given authority to be a terror in the kingdom of darkness. "We are meant to oppress our oppressors and take captive what takes us captive according to  Genesis 9: 1 – 2,’’ he added.

The benefit of Calvary. "The blood of Jesus was meant to change our bloodline. Anything the cross cannot do, nothing can do it." ~ Galatians 3: 13 - 14 NKJV. Pastor Nebechukwu highlighted the transformative power of the blood of Jesus and its ability to introduce believers to a new spiritual family.

The knowledge of the working of the Holy Spirit. "A born-again Christian can be under captivity on account of ignorance," he noted. Why? Pastor Ben said understanding the role of the Holy Spirit is essential for deliverance, adding that ignorance can be a source of captivity.

What are the conditions for deliverance to become a reality?

  • Genuine and Authentic Salvation - "Do not fake, act, or pretend to be a Christian. You can never be smarter than the devil." ~ Matthew 5: 16
  • Clear Understanding of Who You Are - "Consult the Holy Spirit to reveal to you 'you'John 8: 32
  • Be on Your Guard and Stay Awake - "It is risky to be in a state of spiritual slumber." ~ James 4: 8

Throughout the service, Pastor Benjamin demystified what is needed for Christians to break through from negativities to receive their deliverances by the power of prayer through Jesus Christ.

Watch - Jericho Must Fall service