As we embark on the journey of another year, let us seize the essence of time, understanding its relentless nature and the precious opportunities it bestows upon us.

Here are keynotes to navigate 2024 with wisdom and purpose – By Pastor Benjamin Nebechukwu

Time waits for none: Time is a river flowing forward, unstoppable and unyielding. It cannot be reversed, recalled, or reused. It moves onward, regardless of our desires or permissions.

Priority of purpose: Make God the cornerstone of your life and decisions. Seek His guidance and discernment, for His teachings lead to goodness and peace. Be wary of gifts that disrupt your inner peace, as they may not align with His divine plan.

Give your best effort: Approach every endeavor with your utmost dedication and effort. Embrace the special grace and mercy that allows lost opportunities to return. Remember, any vision worth pursuing should be worth risking for.

Engage in God's work: Participate in God's business and serve alongside Him. Understand that serving and giving are pathways to reaping abundant blessings. The blessing of God transcends material wealth; it enriches your life in ways that money cannot.

Invest wisely: Direct your time, energy, and resources towards endeavors of significance. Have a sense of urgency in your actions, avoiding ventures that squander your precious time.

Choose friends wisely: Surround yourself with purpose-oriented individuals who uplift and inspire you. Evaluate your friendships based on positivity, mutual respect, and shared values. Remember, it's better to have one true friend than a multitude who do not contribute to your growth.

Let us embark on 2024 journey with intentionality, courage, and a profound appreciation for the gift of time. May we navigate its currents with wisdom, faith, and unwavering determination to make the most of every moment bestowed upon us.