Reading on breaking the backbone of delay: Daniel 10:7 - 13 and Deuteronomy 2:1 - 3 NLT

Points to ponder

  • For celebration to happen, the drag must end and delay is the major reason why people experience delay in difference spheres of life.
  • Destiny is a function of time. Thus delay is a manipulation of time ~ which is amplified in the book of Psalms 90: 14 NLT/ AMP
  • The primary assignment of delay is to keep people out of schedule ~ Ecclesiastes 3: 1 – 8 NKJV.      God works with time but the devil works against      time ~ Daniel 10: 7 - 13.      Any man living on earth has a prophesy on their head/ life according to 1 Timothy 1: 18 NKJV. Delay can come in different forms such as protocols, systems.

’The challenge we have is that people who are supposed to be harvesting are still labouring because the devil is still making them to work behind the schedule,’’ Pastor Ben

Scriptural examples of delay

  1. Abraham and Sarah, the prophecy to have children was withheld for 25 five years
  2. Isaac – He toiled to have his wife Rebecca
  3. For Jacob - Rachael (God intervened)
  4. Joseph, the manifestation to amount the throne came after 25 years.
  5. For David, he didn't ascend to the throne after the anointing, he ascended after 14 solid years ~ 1 Samuel 16: 13

In 1 Corinthians 16: 9 NKJV, Paul experienced an open door, it was only for sight, he was not permitted to go through it. It is the same things for Christians today, God has opened many people for His children but the enemy is not permitting them to go thru them.

Most time, the devil uses agents to slow down the progress of others. The good news is that irrespective of the orchestration and wickedness of the enemy against our lives, God's will for our lives will prevail.

Therapies for breaking the backbone of delay

Vision ~Have your vision, write and read it. If you have a vision; you cannot be a crawler. If you do not know where you are going, you may not leave the place where you are. Habakkuk 2: 2 NKJV. 

  • What you define determines what you can discover
  • A life that is left to chance has no chance at all
  • The road you choose determines the road you will end at.
  • Your vision of today is the reality of your tomorrow.
  • Divine activity happens at the frequency of human vision - God is limited when there is no vision at work ~ Genesis 13: 15. What man sees determines what God gives. God has the capacity to give you what you see. Therefore, sit down with holy spirit and map out the vision for God your life

Revelation ~ Galatians 2: 2 NKJV.  You only leave where you are now by revelation.  Revelation is when scriptures opens up to you (scriptural insight - 'Rhema'). Revelation also means God opening your eyes to see what is going on in the spirit. - God opens your eyes in the spirit is to help one pray targeted prayers ~ Matthew 16: 17 - 18 NKJV.  One revelation given to you is enough to change your levels. In Matthew 16:17,18 -  on account of  revelation of knowing who Jesus was, Peter became the head of the apostles.

Aggression and supplication.  Aggressive prayer is the only way to confront and conquer powers responsible for your delay ~ Matthew 11: 12. In 1 Chronicles 4: 9 - 10 ~ God validates aggression at the place of supplication. 

Impartation.  Impartation is the transference of spiritual virtues from a vessel with a higher concentration to a vessel of less concentration through the administration of power ~ Numbers 6: 23 MSG. A person without a pastor will lack pastures in life ~ Hebrews 6: 23 MSG.  There is a person that has much more than you carry.  It takes a spiritual to transfer the virtues you need to succeed in life ~ Genesis 19: 15 - 18 NLT/ MSG/ NKJV.

Keys to maximizing Impartation

  1. Value for God and the servant of God over your life ~ 2 Chronicles 20: 20 NKJV/ KJV. Your sense of value determines the sense of flow of virtue in your direction.
  2. Hunger and desperation. Nothing guarantees impartation like hunger and desperation for impartation.