Our monthly night of prayer fell on a special Friday this time - it was Good Friday, not just any ordinary Friday.

We began with praise and worship, lifting our voices in songs of gratitude and intercession. Pastor Charity led us in reflecting on the profound sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. We were reminded of the immense love and mercy that led Him to endure such suffering for us.

’The question to us is do you love him the way he loves, Do you stick to him without changing mind – If not of his goodness, and pure heart, he was bruised, beaten that all my pain and bitterness might be taken away, therefore remember this love, it will hit you tonight, the pain in your heart because he has taken our pain,’’ she added.

As we sang "In Christ Alone," we were moved by the overwhelming love and sacrifice of Jesus, which words could never fully explain. We pondered upon whether we love Him as He loves us, and if we are willing to remain steadfast in our faith.

We acknowledged the power of God's presence to transform our lives and prayed fervently for His blessings to pour upon us. We declared that at the mention of His name, every power must bow, and we commanded all darkness to flee from our midst.

With a sense of urgency, we prayed for protection and guidance, asking God to cover us with His blood and to break any chains of limitation or negativity. We declared that by the power of the cross, we are set free from every curse and affliction.

During the prayer of inquiry, we sought God's guidance in understanding the challenges we face and His empowerment to overcome them. We rejected backwardness and stagnation, declaring that our lives must move forward in His grace.

‘’Prayer of inquiry gives your direction, sometimes when things seems not working – God will always reveal the secrets of the enemy and will empower you to overcome them. When the Christians are not aware of the things/secrets behind the afflictions in their lives, they are manipulated,’’

As Pastor Benjamin concluded, we thanked God for the redemption and forgiveness we received through the cross. We rejoiced in the truth that Jesus paid the ultimate price for our sins and set us free from every accusation of the enemy.

In reflecting on the meaning of "It is finished," we understood that Jesus completed His mission on the cross, securing our salvation and victory. We rejoiced in the assurance that our destiny is fulfilled in Him.

8 things that Jesus carried on the cross

  • Iniquity and sins – Isaiah 53:5-6  - The sins were laid unto him before our existence
  • Our affliction – Isaiah 53:4,5. He cried our cries, he condoned our affliction.
  • He carried our oppression and captivity Isaiah 53:7.Oppression is a product of curses which include negativities and family patterns
  • He carried our rejection and inferiority complex – he was rejected so that we can be accepted before man. If you’re purchased by the blood of Jesus, you have no place for inferiority complex before men; you do not feel inferior before men.
  • He carried our frustration and depression – he carried our sorrow so that we can become people of Joy
  • He carried our grief and pain –
  • Carried our scarcity and depletion – Rev 5:12 (7 things highlighted as benefits) 2 Cor 8:9
  • He carried our premature death - Hebrews 2:9

As we left the night of wonders, our hearts were filled with gratitude and hope. We embraced the blessings of Good Friday, knowing that through the sacrifice of Jesus, we are made whole and set free.