The last Sunday of the month is usually the 'Thanksgiving Sunday' at the Living Word Assembly (LWA) Church. On Sunday, February 25, 2024, Pastor Benjamin Nebechukwu delivered a powerful message on the significance of the revelation of the Word of God.

Drawing from scriptural examples (Matthew 16:13 – 19, Ephesians 1:17), Pastor Benjamin emphasized the transformative power that comes with understanding the spirit behind the written scripture – exploring the distinction between scriptural information and revelation.‘’Many people are familiar with the verses of the scripture but not familiar with the spirit behind the letter or word. One can be familiar with the word but use it out of context of the word. Behind every verse in scripture there is a voice ~John 6: 63. The revelation of the word is what impacts your life and destiny’, Pastor Benjamin Nebechukwu stressed.

It is important, therefore for Christians to not only read their Bibles, but take time to re-read and mediate to hear the voice of God.

He further gives differences between information and revelation. Most believers read the Bible as any common literature book – and miss the gist of revelation or the voice of God in the WORD. It is one thing to read the word and entirely different to see beyond with the letters of the word Behind every scripture there is a spirit and there is a voice speaking.~ John 6: 63. By reading the Bible you get spiritual information and going beyond the letters gives you spiritual revelation – Pastor Benjamin

Difference between scriptural information and revelation.

  • Information can enhance your mind; but revelation upgrades your mind.
  • Information may give you education but revelation grants you revolution.
  • Information brings education but a revelation brings impartation.

He went further to deliver his sermon on the importance of the revelation of the WORD – including:

  1. Bringing Distinction: Pastor Benjamin highlighted that the revelation of the Word brings a distinct light to one's life. While qualifications and knowledge are essential, it is the revelation of the Word that separates individuals from the ordinary. The revelation of the Word is distinct. Drawing parallels from Daniel 11: 32 and Genesis 41: 38 - 40, he stressed the role of light in achieving true distinction.
  2. Terminating Frustration: Frustration in life, according to Pastor Benjamin, finds its remedy in scriptural prescription. Citing Luke 5: 4 - 6 and Isaiah 60: 22, he emphasized that revelation has the power to domesticate frustration, driving away darkness and bringing about positive change. From every frustrating life situation, there is a scriptural prescription. Once found frustration comes to an end ~ Luke 5: 4 - 6. It takes revelation to domesticate your frustration. Once light comes darkness gives way,’ he added.
  1. Bringing Elevation: The pastor explained that revelation acts as a level changer and a destiny shifter. Using examples from Galatians 2: 2 and Matthew 16: 17 - 18, he highlighted that information, when coupled with revelation, leads to promotion and elevation. ‘’Information brings promotion. He added that, ‘’anything one does in this world - there is a better way to do it, and such better way can be revealed by the knowledge of God’’
  2. Transformation to Life: The transformative power of revelation was emphasized by Pastor Benjamin, in 2 Corinthians 3: 18 and Galatians 2: 20. He stressed that revelation has the capacity to change mindsets, referring to Ephesians 4: 23 - 28, and urged believers to read the Bible for the word to work actively in their lives.

How to Access Revelation of Word of God

  • Being Born Again: Pastor Benjamin underscored the importance of being born again, stating that iniquity blinds individuals to insight and revelation. In 2 Corinthians 4: 3 - 4, he cautioned against spiritual blindness associated with a comfortability with sin. Iniquity is a blinder of insight or revelation. It makes you comfortable with your environment of sin. Exercise and express a genuine longing for God through his word, Christianity is not more about church attendance BUT more about the relationship with God – Pastor Benjamin
  • Deliberate Search: The pastor encouraged deliberate searching for revelation, noting that valuable insights are not easily available. Drawing from Jeremiah 15: 16 and Matthew 7:7, he emphasized the correlation between research and elevation in life. Anything that is too available is not valuable. Free things have no value. God conceals the revelation of his word in the hiding place of his glory. Your research determines your elevation in life ~ Pastor Benjamin
  • Desperation and Hunger: Pastor Benjamin highlighted the role of desperation and hunger in attracting revelation, citing Job 23: 12 and Matthew 5: 6. He stated that insight follows interest, and desperation acts as a magnet for revelation.
  • Prayer for Discovery: The pastor concluded by emphasizing the crucial role of prayer in accessing the word of God. Citing Ephesians 1: 16 - 19 and Acts 8, he proclaimed that prayer is the key to unlocking the voice of God and obtaining revelation. For you to understand the voice of God behind the word, pray for God to unpack the scripture for you. The word has to be opened for you by God for you to get revelation. No one can interpret the book than the author himself Pastor Benjamin

Pastor Benjamin Nebechukwu passionately conveyed the necessity of the revelation of the Word for a fulfilled and purposeful life. By providing practical steps on how to access revelation, he inspired the congregation to seek a deeper understanding of the scriptures and embrace the transformative power that comes with it

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