Anointing with oil symbolizes consecration to God as it does in (Numbers 3:3, Psalm 89:20, Psalm 23, and 1 Samuel 10:1)

The anointing as symbolized by oil in scriptures both in the old and new testament is not only for deliverance but for establishment of destinies. Anointing as indicated in Isaiah 10:27, And it shall come to pass in that day, that his burden shall be taken away from off thy shoulder, and his yoke from off thy neck, and the yoke shall be destroyed because of the anointing, breaks yokes and makes people’s destinies to stand out. The anointing is a non-negotiable and principle requirement for destiny fulfillment in the lives of Christians.

How does the anointing confer domination on people?

  1. The anointing places a crown of loyalty on the anointed. Drawing from the story of David, He was a forgotten shepherd boy who spent most of his time in the wilderness, but by the anointing of God that came to his head, David was crown the king of Israel on account of anointing as recorded in I Sam 16:13.

Because of anointing, Solomon was illegitimate to succeed King David and so is King Jehu. The anointing move people from realm of insignificant to the realm of being a royal. Citing the position of David was in the house of Jesse from wilderness to be crown as a king as indicated in Psalm 8:5

  1. Anointing guarantees conquest and victory in the face of life battles and hostilities. Although life is full of hostilities, the anointed are full of victories as Romans 8:37, Psalm 89, 21-23. In the midst of calamities and negatives, the anointing strengthens the believers.

Declaration: By this anointing, every opposer of my promotion to my next level be weeded out by fire in the name Jesus.

  1. The anointing confers on the anointed the mantle of territorial influence – over people, communities and cities. As a Christian, don’t let darkness to threat to your life. You have been anointed to discipline witches as according to Iasiah 45:1. As a child of God carrying light, you should be taking over darkness – for the light shines in darkness and darkness don’t comprehend it.
  2. The anointing releases violent, aggressive and fighting spirit on the anointed. God anointed David with oil as a preparation towards the life he was to face and through the power of anointing, he was able to discipline a giant who has been terrorizing the children of Israel for 40 years. The anointing to slay doesn’t respect anybody, it goes ahead to slay anybody standing on your way.
  3. The anointing brings direction to the anointed. It makes the anointed to become wiser. It sets you apart and shows you what you have not seen. Guides us from error. 1 Sam 17. 1 John 2:20. The stone that killed Goliath was not a special stone, it was picked among the stones that was by the side of Goliath. Even though Goliath was covered, only David because of the anointing. Therefore, anointing is a manufacturer of wise people.

Secrets to anointing

  • Sacrifice: In 1 Sam 16:1, anointing goes with sacrifice – Exodus 29:19, Aaron and sons were mandated to offer sacrifice and that was led them to the office of priests and so is David – even when God told David he was not going to build the temple, he prepared the all the necessary materials for the temples.
  • The prophetic mantle – the priest or prophet over your life determines your anointing. When you are under a false prophet, you are under a fake anointing. Don’t submit your head anywhere to anybody.

Further readings

  • Psalms 8:1-7
  • 2 Kings 9:1-6

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