In this message delivered by Rtd Archbishop Henry Luke Orombi on Sunday 12 May 2024, on ‘’Celebrating leadership and supporting their mission’ he celebrated the profound influence of devoted leadership of Pastor Ben and Pastor Charity Nebechukwu – who are the senior pastors at the Living Word Assembly

Archbishop Orombi emphasizes the pivotal role these pastors play in sharing the word of God in Uganda, having left their home country, obeying the voice of God.

With gratitude and prayerful reflection, Orombi invokes blessings upon them for their unwavering dedication and leadership, emphasizing the significance of their continued service to the congregation and the body of Christ.

And here he goes…..

“Lord we thank you for Pastor Ben and his wife Charity. The day you talked to them about this city, Lord we didn’t know. We are now only beneficiaries for what you have done long ago in their spirits, minds and souls.

They said yes to you, they paid the price of leaving their nation, to come to our nation. They have a message, Just like you put a message in Jonah’s mouth in Isaiah’s mouth and in Jeremiah’s mouth and in Ezekiel’s mouth.

The prophets all declared your word. And those words and the words from the Spirit of God and those words came to warn the people of God.

Those ones came to point into the future of what would happen. We read in the scriptures, it happened.  And now these two say yes to you. They've come. They've made a sacrifice. They have surrendered.

They have a heart full of love for the people of your Uganda. They have a heart full of devotion in delivering your word and leaving exemplary before your flock.

They are not walking in darkness and in pretense. They're not walking in a way that is double-dealing. They're walking straight in the shepherd of their hearts and of their lives. Jesus himself. Lord, I want to ask you that the Spirit of God we'll feel their hearts.

Then the Spirit of the Lord will anoint their leadership have night their lives. Then their hearts will be sharpened to hear the voice of the holy spirit. That there will be fire that comes out of their mouth as they proclaim your word.

That there will be  healing as a  result of your word through their mouth. There will be a release upon the people of Kampala as they proclaim your Word. Let the Lord who sent them go ahead of them. Let the presence of the Lord with go ahead of them.

And Father God, you are the God will never contradicts your word.  You are the promise keeping God  and the God who fulfills your promise. Some of the things you told Pastor Ben and Pastor Charity have not been released to us and I believe that at the right time they will come.

Because they are still in leadership. We are also celebrating the end of leadership. We are celebrating the continuity of leadership. I ask you to bless and prosper their leadership. I ask you to prosper this church because they are willing. Father, may your name be lifted to up through their ministry.