The Keys to Extra-Ordinary Progress is an all-inclusive masterpiece. The book expounds on five divine keys that provide the revelation of God’s nature and manifest Him as the Most High God. It delves into the five divine keys that provide a revelation of God’s nature. Undoubtedly, this revelation will stir up every reader’s soul into thirsting and longing for God.

The book carries a deliverance message for everyone who reads it irrespective of his or her spiritual level. With scriptural references, the book represents, in detail the five keys that every individual ought to expect at some point in their Christian walk with God. In your quests for an encounter with God, herein are the tips on how to:

  • Move God for His divine intervention, visitation and guidance.
  • Provoke God’s continuous presence and reap the benefits thereof.
  • Cause God’s Hand to deliver you, with divine speed, from a situation of dire need to a blessed life of prosperity and abundance.

The hearts of the lowly in Spirit shall be uplifted by the book. The book will bring hope to the Hopeless. As for those believers who are already on their high spiritual grounds, the book will surely deliver them to higher realms.