Fruitfulness is God’s will for us. Many lives may not be as productive and fruitful as God purposed them to be but that does not mean He has altered His plans for mankind. There are so many people who are childless, poor, broke, sick, unmarried and generally not prospering. But that is not God’s plan for us. God through His Word has given us the power we need to be fruitful. The baton is now in our hands, we have to alter the race and change the course of our lives and that is what Targeted Prayers for Fruitfulness aims to do.

With this book in your hands, you are guaranteed to bear fruit in every area of your life be it in your family, finances, business, marriage, profession and so on.

In Targeted Prayers for Fruitfulness, we will look at

  • The wonders of the Word.
  • The power of God’s blessings
  • Fruitfulness is my portion
  • The hands
  • Faith
  • Take it by force!

The book has a 21-day prayer recipe that is guaranteed to turn your life around.
Welcome to a new season in your life.