This book is not just about prayer for your children but targeted prayers that will prevail over the forces of the enemy whose mission is to destroy your children. Ben Nebechukwu, the overseer of Living Word Assembly, based in Kampala-Uganda, equally uses model parents from the Bible to offer fresh insights into the nature, frequency and power of targeted prayers for our children. The author, who has written over 20 books, largely on deliverance, enriches the book with scriptures relevant to the subject, underscoring just how important God is mindful of your children.

As a Christian parent, your children’s destiny lies in your hands – and is a product of your decision or indecision, action or inaction. One of such decisions you can make now is to pick this book, read it, share the content herein with your children and take action to nip the plans of the enemy in the bud, and allow God’s plan for your children take course.