You have been stuck at a certain level for years now. Yet you see others progress to the next level. Your business has stalled at a certain capacity. You see the employees recently recruited at your company effortlessly getting promoted, yet you are still at the entry level position years after you signed your employment contract. You have prayed for a marriage partner; you have fasted, scattered and bound to no avail. If you are facing these and more challenges in life and feeling like a gigantic mountain is standing taut between you and your next level, taunting you; then this book is for you.

In Riding to a New Level, Benjamin Nebechukwu unravels the secrets to ending stagnation in life. Dwelling on scriptures detailing the lives of successful Bible characters who overcame stagnation and progressed to the next stages in life, Nebechukwu also offers guiding prayer points which, when proclaimed, will make you smile with testimony.

Throughout the nine chapters of this book, you will learn these and more: the mysteries of divine guidance, intervention, presence, visitation and speed into your situation; how to attract and maintain divine presence, visitation, intervention and speed; the power of generosity; how spirituality can turn your life around; as well as how wisdom can triumph over stagnation.