Despite the advancement in medicine, the number of diseases in the world has shot up to the extent that some of them have no names. With this, there has been despair in the lives of many, some seeking healing from all manner of people who claim to have a solution to health complications. There have also been some people who think that Jesus’ healing power stopped with his ministry on earth over two millennia ago. Yet some others think that either God does not want to heal them or “their health condition” is too complicated for Jehovah Rapha, the Healer. In Receive your Healing, Pastor Benjamin Nebechukwu explains the healing power of God and His willingness to heal; and the efficacy of the Blood of Jesus and the power in His stripes. The book also provides testimonies of healing from Christians (and humans like you), proof of healing from the Bible, as well as guidelines on how to minister healing. Pastor Nebechukwu has also provided Holy Spirit inspired prayer points that will make healing a reality in your life.