God’s desire is that we do exploits, according to Daniel 11:32 b: “… but the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits.” The above scripture is one that many of us often quote and sincerely believe. However, very few of us are experiencing exploits as a life’s reality. Exploits are things God desires for and expects of us, once we become born again and begin to grow in relation with Him. Whether we are single, married, parents, business owners, etc- whatever phase of life we may be in- exploits should still be our experience. This Prayer-book contains Holy Spirit inspired prayer points that will help you communicate with the Almighty God and command exploits in every sphere of your life and endeavours.

Beloved, I believe the Lord will catapult you to the realm of exploits where nothing is impossible – if you diligently and consciously pray the prayers listed in this book.