In Numbers 6: 22 – 27 KJV, it is the mandate of God to bless people and God uses different channels to bless people. Sometimes, God used people to bless people. Psalm 50: 2 NLT

Key biblical perspectives about blessings

  • The first thing that God released to man at creation was the blessing.
  • It is the responsibility of the priest or pastors to bless God’s people according to Number 6: 23 – 27
  • God has got channels of blessings; and he is the Blesser ~ Genesis 27: 27
  • A blessing is a reality and tangible.
  • The release of the blessing is the reversal of curses. The same way light shines in darkness and darkness cannot comprehend it’s the same ways curses are released.
  • Curses are real, they are not mere imagination from man ~ Psalm 50: 2 NLT and Isaiah 42: 22.

Laws governing curses

  • An unjust curse will return back to the sender
  • A curse cannot affect a child of God who is walking in obedience ~ Numbers 23: 20 - 23
  • Cursing who God has blessed earns the curser a divine curse.
  • A curse can be acquired unconsciously
  • One can acquired a curse through an undealt with evil dream
  • Association with a cursed person. Wrong association can bring a curse.
  • Unless a curse is broken, it will continue to operate and one person in a family is enough to stop the operation of a curse.

What are the roots of curses?

  • The spirit of fear ~ Job 3: 25 - 26. Fear is the magnet of both calamity and adversity. Fear is the platform that the devil uses to cause havoc in the lives of people. If you want the devil to work and overwork in your life, allow the fear to enter. What anybody fears is what will happen.
  • Evil covenants or agreements ~ Isaiah 28: 15 NKJV. Whatever covenant anybody enters into, there is always a payback time.
  • Cursed materials (Accursed things- KJV) ~ Joshua 6: 18 NKJV.

What are the secrets of the blessings?

  • You must be born again ~ Revelation 5: 12. To be born again is to be blessed.
  • Kingdom service ~ Exodus 23: 25 - 26 NKJV. If God is not begging you to serve Him, there is no need for you to beg Him to bless you. Kingdom service is not limited to serving in church e.g by winning souls in communities ~ Malachi 3: 17. ‘Those who live for self will live small”.
  • Revelation of God's word. What you see out of the word determines what you see out of this world.  Blessed people are worded people - Turn the scripture into picture ~ Deuteronomy 33: 12 MSG.  Read the word and read to catch revelation.
  • Faith in God and His word. The purpose of the word of God is to fire in you FAITH ~ Romans 10: 17; Luke 1
  • Faith Equation: Receive it = Believe it = Behave it = Declare it = Become it
  • Priestly and prophetic declarations ~ Numbers 6: 23.  It is risky to run the battle of life without a cover ~ Isaiah 61: 1 - 3 KJV