Just as the priests were consecrated in the Bible times, on Sunday, we gathered to witness the dedication and consecration of the new pastors to serve with the same divine calling and sacred purpose.

The newly consecrated pastors are Pastors; Jerry Ngobi, Innocent Kasozi, Jeff Okumu, Mathius Balikowa and Patrict Parwot.

Pastor Patrick Parwot

Powerful words were spoken, by the Senior Pastor of the Living Word Assembly, Pastor Benjamin Nebechukwu reminding them of the sacred duties and responsibilities of pastors including;

  • Remember the divine calling: the general overseer emphasized that pastors are chosen by God and are called to serve Him faithfully. They are reminded that they belong to God and must dedicate their lives to His service.  Remember you belong to God. You are not your own. You have been born with a price. Therefore you must make your ministry and of and offering to him
  • Embrace the Word of God: He urged the new pastors to immerse themselves in the teachings of Jesus Christ, as His words have the power to transform lives. They are encouraged to let His words dwell in their hearts and guide their ministry – going forward. Remember Jesus and His words. Let them dwell in your hearts that you may discover that truly it has the words of eternal life. And that His words has the power to transform your life and the life of your heroes.
  • Focus on redemption and spiritual growth: Just as Jesus came to seek and save the lost, pastors are reminded of their mission to lead people to redemption and spiritual growth. This highlights the importance of ministering with compassion and understanding. Remember Jesus who came to seek and save that which was lost and to give his life as a ransom to many. Let redemption and spiritual growth of his people be your objective in ministry.

  • Practice humility and service: Following the example of Jesus, pastors are called to serve rather than to be served. They are reminded that true greatness lies in humble service to others and in doing good deeds without seeking recognition. Remember Jesus who went about doing good. To minister and not to be ministered unto. There is much good to be done in your lifetime if you are willing to pay the price. With her being consigned who gets the credit.
  • Surrender to God's will: Pastors are encouraged to emulate Jesus' complete surrender to God's will, even unto death. This serves as a reminder that true discipleship requires self-denial and a willingness to carry one's cross. Remember Jesus who went to the cross and complete surrender to God's will. And who many times said, he who will come after me, let him deny himself. Let him deny himself. Let him deny himself and take off his cross and follow me. For whosoever shall save his life shall lose it. He that will lose his life for my sake shall find it. For there is no discipleship without a cross.
  • Love people devotedly: Central to the ministry of Jesus was His love for people. Pastors are reminded to have faith in people and to love them devotedly, just as Jesus did. Remember Jesus who loved the people. He loved them because they are the children of his father. He came not to condemn them but to love them. Therefore before you can effectively preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. You must have faith in people and love them devotedly

  • Preach and teach with urgency: As Jesus commanded His disciples to preach the gospel, pastors are urged to fulfill this mandate with a sense of urgency and preparedness. They are reminded that their preaching should aim to bring hearts closer to Christ. Never use the pulpit to attack those that don't like you, to show off a sense of superiority or to massage your ego or come off to show you are better than others.
  • Cultivate perfect faith in God: Pastors are encouraged to strengthen their faith through disciplined prayer and study of the Bible. Their effectiveness in ministry is said to depend on their reliance on these spiritual resources. Remember Jesus who had perfect faith in God. As expressed through discipline prayers and the study of the Bible. Your effectiveness will depend on the way you draw upon these resources.


  • Serve the church with dedication: Following Jesus' example of sacrificial love for the church, pastors were reminded of their responsibility to build and nurture the church as the body of Christ. They are urged to ensure that the church remains dedicated to God's purpose and will. Remember Jesus who loved the church and gave himself for it. It was he who said, I will build my church. Make sure that the church belongs to him and is dedicated to carrying out his purpose and will. The church is the living visible body of Christ in the world today. Apart from this, the church has no reason to exist.
  • Meet the needs of every human heart: Pastors are called to address the diverse needs of humanity through their preaching and ministry. They are reminded that their ultimate goal is to bring hearts closer to Christ and to satisfy the spiritual hunger of those they serve. Meet the needs of every human heart. Therefore, bring the hearts of men to the heart of Christ through your preaching.

As they embark on their journey of ministry, may they always remember these commandments and strive to fulfill them with faith, humility, and devotion for the glory of King Jesus.