Protocols is an official procedure or rules governing rules organisations or people. They can be defined as  acceptable codes of conduct. It the normal way of doing things in the contemporary world. In the spiritual warfare, God is a specialist of breaking protocol. God is in a business of changing the normal way of doing things to the un usual way of doing things according to 1 Kings 17:4 and Leviticus 11:1.

Talking of protocol, when God is involved, no protocol can stand to withstand his purpose for your life – no person born of a woman can with stand the agenda of God for your life – manifested inform of protocols.

In Mark 3;4 – Jesus asked the teachers of the law- the pharisees – who were positioned to see if Jesus would break the sabbath law. Jesus restored the hand of man who had withered.  When Jesus is involved, things or systems or policies can be suspended for the sake of the individual.

In John 5:4 – at the pool of Bethsaida, the process was very competitive. Under the normal process, whenever the angel would come to stir the waters, the man had no one to take him to the water pool according to the customs. When Jesus appeared, he waived the process for the man at the pool of Bethsaida and he was cleansed.

In Luke 17:14 – Jesus  told the lepers to show the priest, and according to the tradition of the priests as laid in Leviticus, meeting the priest was the final stage to be declared free of leprosy. Jesus made them to skip all the processes and he made things easier for them and they were declared cleansed from the deadly leprosy. So whenever, Jesus is involved, the journey to the top is shortened by grace.

The conception of Mary for the birth of Jesus was another case where protocol was suspended. Under the normal conditions, the woman has to meet with the man for conception to happen. The process or the protocol of birth of JESUS was bypassed. This confirms that when the process are followed, you may wait longer than necessary, but the grace of God can swallow the processes for your sake. When the process are followed, Its only men that follow the process, God doesn’t follow the process.


In our  society today, it has become a common phrase that you need a connection to meet the needs such as jobs. It s very heartbreaking that Christians are also involved in that crazy talk, where is our hope.

It is proper for you to know that man disappoints and when you trust God, God, by himself can put relevant people to recommend, commend and assist you to be to the top. It is unfortunate that born again Christians have been caught up in the same things as the people of the world.

You don’t need man any anywhere for the purpose of  God to be fulfilled – for you to be positioned to where God has purposed you to be. Gen 24:5-7.

So Christians, let it settle in your hearts that there are things that you can’t do, allow God to do it. Be it issues of getting a husband, issues of promotion, of getting children, let the Lord take the wheel.

God overrules the rulings of men and systems – when men rules, God overrules – when men say its impossible, God says say it is possible and must Happen. God comes in to help people at the point when they surrender and have exhausted their human wisdom, and that makes it a testimony. When God rules, nobody can overrule. In, Gen 50:20, God turns bad situations to good situations. For Joseph and his brothers,  God turned the bad to good to save all the people of Israel, through their brother whom they sold into slavery.

Keynotes to take home.

  • It is not what people that are planning against you that matter, what matters is God’s plan for you. If it wasn’t for Gods plan for our lives, God has the final say… In Acts 5:17, The soldiers were at the gate guarding against the apostles, the gates were locked, but the soldiers found them empty. The soldiers reported to the rulers that the men (apostles) you put in the prison are in the temple preaching – in the Acts 5:25. Therefore, don’t focus on where men has taken you, focus on where God is taking you.
  • Jesus was born in the manger- yet they could cover Jesus’’ star that announced his birth. Every decree of men, they are overruled.


  1. Live to fulfil God’s vision and purpose for your life. Where there is no vision, people perish. Understand that you are in this world for God’s kingdom. There is more to life than self.  Don’t focus on yourself and your family. Just like Joseph – he was a kingdom-minded fellow. Allow God to be the center of your life, that who you are today is by the grace of God.

How to know you are kingdom – minded. Evaluate yourself when you get money, how you plan to spend your money, not on kingdom affairs but your own affairs.

  1. Live to God pleasure in character and lifestyle. Psalm 5:12, Psalm 102:13-14 – those who lives give pleasure will always have God pamper their lives.
  2. Must be conscious of the life we live – it is either our lives give God pleasure or give him pain. The worst things that can happen to your life is to be church, but the God of Church is not in their life, their attitudes and character – acting contrary to the mind of God. Provers 6:24-29. Every truth is parallel – same applies to women who sleep with other people’s husbands. Not only wives but also husbands. God will not condemn you with our past, God is concerned with your now
  1. Don’t compromise – let your life portray the God you proclaim – in this generation, born again has become a title, it should be a lifestyle. If you stand for righteousness, they will fight. But it's better to live for God and he fights for you. Live for God and God will break protocols for you.

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