Dominion is restored by the resurrection. Christians have so much from Dominion Mandate - in Genesis chapter one, man was confirmed with dominion mandate through disobedience the dominion was lost to Satan. Because of God's mercy, he brought dominion mandate through Jesus.

The manner through which Jesus mandates, it's evident that life was not taken from him - he willingly laid down his life. it was an intentional death. Therefore Christians/believers have been purchased by this blood at Calvary, you are in charge

Dimensions of the dominion that was restored by the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

  • Redeemed to take charge of your territory
  • To be in control in situations in life
  • Redeemed so that you can rise up the wickedness of the wicked
  • Redeemed so that we cease to be victims

To maintain dominion, there are things that you must do, as a Christian. It's one thing to build a house - it's another things to maintain it. The maintenance  of your dominion determines what you are supposed to dominate.

‘Don't accept to live like a victim - those who are pitied are those in the pity - Born again Christians are to be envied not to be pitied. Don’t let anybody come to pity you in life. You're God's representatives and ambassadors. it means that you have heavenly diplomatic right, Pastor Benjamin
I am a God's ambassador not a victim - that shkjd be your declaration

What to do to maintain dominion

  • Must carry yourself with that mentality as a Kingdom VIP. Don't let anybody look down on you. The way you treat yourself, and that's how people will see and treat you. You must carry yourself with Dignity
  • Work in the consciousness of the finished work of Christ - Eph 1-19 and Ephesians 2:1. His fullness even though we were once sinful.. Eph 2:6 . The scripture is enough to change your mind set on how Jesus sees us by the reason for the resurrection that happened a thousand years ago. We are reigning, co -seated with Christ Jesus
  • Operate and function like one no evil can prevail over my life - Matthew 16:1. It's out of order to be worried because of witchcraft. Witchcraft is a spirit and God is a spirit and God's spirit says it's in you, why should you be worried about the powers of our the witches and wizards.
  • Walk in the consciousness that your life is inside Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ is inside you. Col 3:3 . For the devil to get to you, they will need to go through Jehovah, which is an impossible. Understand the power that is in declaring Psalm 91.
  • Must operate with the mentality of one whose life cannot be cut short. Read more in Hebrews 2:1 and  Acts 27:22 and Job 5:26 that shows that these are things that are possible because of the power of resurrection
  • Let your utterances be in line with the programme of God for your life - Eph 4:29. They speak as those in charge

Scripture characters that dominated through utterances:

  • David – In 1 Sam 17:45 - 46 David - The story of David and how he responded to the Philistines - the power in the utterances. he stoke as a dominator
  • Ruth – In Ruth 1:16 -18. Through this declarations, she became a member of God's people, The people of Israel. Ruth came from a tribe that was not to mingle with God's people - the Mobiles
  • Job – In Job 14:14

Why it's important for positive utterances

  • Your tongue can either define or defile your life
  • Until your mouth is opened, your destiny remains closed.
  • Your life turns in the direction of your tongue
  • Never keep quiet when your destiny is being decided by other people just like Ruth. don't know other Pepe to decide your destiny
  • Never allow your situation to determine your confession
  • Our lives and destinies are aligned with what comes out of our mouth.. what comes out of our lives, don't see ugly things in our lives

God's expectations of us in times of dominion

  • Represent your kingdom well. Jesus came to die for sinners and, unfortunately, many people don't know him and he is coming back not to die for our sins but to take the church home. we need to bring many to Christ and bring many to the kingdom.

As a church, we have an assignment – dubbed VISION 5 - List down the names of five people who are not born again in your circles. Pray for them always, and tell God that you have a burden on these five people, every time you are praying, raise them to God and at the right time, God will bring them to the finished work of Calvary.