Dr. Steve Ogan stood before a congregation at Living Word Assembly, his voice echoing with conviction as he delved into the depths of a timeless truth: Dominion for Continued Development.

"The whole idea of dominion," Dr Steve Ogan began, his words carrying weight, "is to rule - to rule over your foes." He painted a picture of the divine community of the Godhead, where fellowship, intimacy, and intercourse reigned supreme.

"We are all products of fellowship," he proclaimed, "without it, we cannot rule." For Dr. Ogan, understanding one's origin was paramount. "It's impossible to exercise dominion without acknowledging that you are the product of intimacy, and you can't exercise dominion without bearing the image of God."

"In Him, we move," he continued, his passion detonating the hearts of his listeners. "He is our mobility, our habitation. We originate from Him; we are His masterpieces." Dr. Ogan made it clear that God could not be ruled by anyone; His dominion was absolute.

But as he preached, Dr. Ogan's gaze turned thoughtful. "Many people go to church, but their character is not of Christ." To exercise dominion, he stressed, one needed integrity, a character reflective of the divine.

"Those that worship God must do so in truth and spirit," he declared, recounting an altar call where the importance of genuine worship was made evident. "You betray Him when you act outside His character."

As Dr. Ogan delved deeper into the principles of God, he explained the path to true dominion. "Dwelling in His presence brings transformation," he asserted. "You must understand His laws, subject yourself to His culture."

He cautioned against complacency, referencing Exodus 24:1-11, where neglect led to missed opportunities for dominion. "Dominion is not merely for indulgence," he reminded, "but for influence."

"Inside each of you lies inherent power," he proclaimed. "But it remains dormant until activated." Drawing parallels to crude oil, he emphasized the need for refinement through prayer.

"Prayer power unlocks dominion," he affirmed, citing Philippians 3:10 and Luke 14:23 as evidence. "Dominion brings influence across all dimensions of life," he concluded, invoking Deuteronomy 8:18 and Luke 9:1-2 to drive his point home.

As Dr. Steve Ogan concluded his sermon, his congregation sat in awe, inspired by the timeless truths of dominion for continued development. And with hearts ignited by the flames of divine revelation, they left the sanctuary, ready to exercise their God-given authority in a world hungry for transformation.